Triple-Band LED Flatbar (DSA)
Triple-Band LED Flatbar (DSA)
Triple-Band LED Flatbar (DSA)

Triple-Band LED Flatbar (DSA)

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Triple-Band LED Flatbar is a professional-grade, slim-profile,  horticultural LED light specifically designed for multi-tiered vertical farming to maximizes spatial utilization. With the patented phosphor-coating technique, Triple-Band LED Flatbar emits full-spectrum, white light composed of red, green, and blue (RGB) wavelengths that promotes photosynthesis. It is ideal for applications including leafy vegetables cultivation, seedling propagation, and microgreens production.

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  • Full-spectrum white light composed of Red-Green-Blue wavelengths
  • Wideband spectrum promotes photosynthesis compared to T5 fluorescent
  • Energy-efficient lighting at 46W of power consumption vs. 54W T5 FL
  • No burning of leaves close to the lights
  • Long product life of 40,000 hours
  • Shatter-proof, glass-free, and mercury-free
  • Available spectra: DSA, DSB, DWR
  • Requires an external power supply



Solidlite Corporation


Designation Spectrum
EL-B02L1200-DSA-D4846W DSA
EL-B02L1200-DSB-D4846W DSB
EL-B02L1200-DWR-D4846W DWR


Description Value
Dimensions L 1,240 x W 100 x H 15.7 [mm]
Weight 1,350 g


Description Value
Input voltage 48 VDC
Input current 0.96 A
Power 46 W


Description Value Note
Operating Temperature  0 - 35 ℃
Operating Humidity  20 - 80 %
Storage Temperature -20 - 60 ℃
Storage Humidity  20 - 80 %